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The hack now works on Win XP, Vista 32/64bit and Windows 7 32/64bit
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Daoud12345: Is there anyone who can help me
Daoud12345: Jambo wants to make VIP for sudden attack latino but he is also from Europe so how can he logg in ?
Sverige: Use Hideman, Then choose Panama (Hideman is a vpn)
Daoud12345: and what is panama?
Daoud12345: ?
Daoud12345: when i press conect panama
Daoud12345: it says only connecting
Daoud12345: but he don't connect
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sakaikill: Jambo
sakaikill: Can You Making Hack For SA SEA
sakaikill: My Friend Want Buy Hack From You Hack For SA SEA
sakaikill: and My Friend Already Wait For You Making Hack for Game SASEA
Sverige: What is Panama?? Lol
chani0527: :cry::evil:
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wxads5639: hello ~ this hack can use in the sea ?
wxads5639: How to buy SEA hackers
Kelly1990: hello jambo
Kelly1990: are you making the sala hack?
Kelly1990: Oh hey buddy Lone long time lo see
Kelly1990: hey jambo i have a qustion
Kelly1990: how do i start the luntcher
Kelly1990: the hack
Jambo: the same way as before
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admin: hi
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  • Direct 3D :
    • Chams / Chameleon wallhack - display players through walls in colors
    • Player fullbright - disable shadows on players
    • Wallhack - display players through walls
    • Weapon chams - find weapons and grenades easier
    • No fog - remove fog in any foggy maps
    • Crosshair - draw a neat red crosshair on the screen
  • Weapons :
    • Instant reload - reload your weapon instantly
    • Instant switch - switch to another weapon instantly
    • No spread - make your weapons perfectly accurate
    • No recoil - disable the knockback to make your aim perfect
    • Shoot through walls / Superbullets - hit the enemies through any walls
    • Always headshot - one hit kill everyone by always headshooting them, even when you really don't
    • Weapon hack* - get yourself any weapon in the game
    • Scouter hack* - get the scouter item. Allows you to see your teammates' health
  • Movement :
    • Superjump - jump extremely high
    • Speedhack - zoom through the map
    • Flyhack - fly through walls and around the map
  • Removals :
    • No flash - never get flashed by a flashgrenade!
* Not present in Sudden Attack Turkey hack