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The hack now works on Win XP, Vista 32/64bit and Windows 7 32/64bit
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alan200596: yoyo watch your mouth , jambo is working on the new website , so when he done the site he will work on the hack , so don't say things you are not even sure about them
Jambo: It's hard to reveal anything since my plans change all the time
alan200596: no one blame you , it's sana's fault ...
Sverige: Jambo any chance H4cks.net will be up this at the end of this month?
Chemist: Jambo i'm sorry but i don't have internet i will send it asap
User wallan3 registered to the site. Say hello! :)
wallan3: aolo
wallan3: ola
wallan3: gente
wallan3: alguem tem um vip funfano ?
Lone: My newest video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIyw2qARTqU
User lehuydung registered to the site. Say hello! :)
Jambo: sverige no I don't think so
alan200596: goodmorning
User anhpronhat1900 registered to the site. Say hello! :)
User W4ll registered to the site. Say hello! :)
User hairulfikri registered to the site. Say hello! :)
Yelow7: if we have buy SANA lifetime it will be valid for SALA?
alan200596: for now there is no hack work for any SA version , bcz jambo is working on the new site , just wait
Jambo: lol what the fuck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X56AvwHe6h4
User jseong registered to the site. Say hello! :)
lauleekiet2000: how to use hack?
lauleekiet2000: jambo
Jambo: there isn't any hack
kakaiki: man
User wlgns2 registered to the site. Say hello! :)
wlgns2: this hack isn't available for free?
User jerrymirci registered to the site. Say hello! :)
lauleekiet2000: how to get the hack?
lauleekiet2000: kakaiki you know?
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  • Direct 3D :
    • Chams / Chameleon wallhack - display players through walls in colors
    • Player fullbright - disable shadows on players
    • Wallhack - display players through walls
    • Weapon chams - find weapons and grenades easier
    • No fog - remove fog in any foggy maps
    • Crosshair - draw a neat red crosshair on the screen
  • Weapons :
    • Instant reload - reload your weapon instantly
    • Instant switch - switch to another weapon instantly
    • No spread - make your weapons perfectly accurate
    • No recoil - disable the knockback to make your aim perfect
    • Shoot through walls / Superbullets - hit the enemies through any walls
    • Always headshot - one hit kill everyone by always headshooting them, even when you really don't
    • Weapon hack* - get yourself any weapon in the game
    • Scouter hack* - get the scouter item. Allows you to see your teammates' health
  • Movement :
    • Superjump - jump extremely high
    • Speedhack - zoom through the map
    • Flyhack - fly through walls and around the map
  • Removals :
    • No flash - never get flashed by a flashgrenade!
* Not present in Sudden Attack Turkey hack